Barbara Conley

Barbara has been active in the arts since 1970 after taking an art class. She began showing and selling her paintings soon after. Although primarily self-taught she took workshops from Millard Sheets, Tom Nicholas, Jade Fon, Harry Dunlap and Zoltan Sabo. Her style has developed into a unique statement that reflects her personal feeling about each subject.

Barbara’s paintings are as easily recognizable as a personal signature. The themes she paints, in meticulous detail, are the things that surround us, those which remind us of the passage of time yet continue to surround us in the warmth of familiarity. Barbara has shown her paintings throughout California and her paintings are represented in many private collections. El Cajon Ranch, Calif. State Senator, actress/comedian Pat Carrol, for instance. Her work has won many awards including the Grumbacher Silver Medal, award of Excellance at the Haggin Museum and has been shown in Southwest art and Us Art magazines.

Barbara uses several mediums in the expression of her artistic abilities. Her primary medium is acrylic but she uses it in such a manner her work is often mistaken for oil. Although her acrylic paintings are most familiar she also has shown work done in watercolor, oil and pen and ink.

Barbara lives in the Gold Country and is taking advantage of the many aged buildings and many country scenes. Most of the aged historic building will be taken by time and expansion and Barbara would like to capture them on canvas before they are gone forever.

Barbara comments, “Although my Aunt was asked to work for Walt Disney she passed before it was possible. Art is in my genes and I am happy to say I’ve passed it on. I really do love painting.”