Michael Severin

Michael Severin was raised, educated, and introduced to art in San Francisco. The DeYoung Museum was nearby and his first experience with great art came from his first trip to the museum, which was a 5th grade field trip. He was fascinated by those wonderful paintings and he would visit the museum quite often to view the art. As a young boy, he loved to draw ships, airplanes and army tanks fighting great battles. He did not pursue art as a career. His career spanned 36 years as a manager with the U.S. Postal Service. He would take oil painting classes when he could and became a “Sunday Painter”. After retiring from the Postal Service in 2002, he was free to pursue his second career as a landscape artist.

Michael is basically a “self-taught” artist. His first mentor was a wonderful artist by the name of Orville Lawrence Hansen. Mr. Hansen gave him a solid foundation to build upon. After he retired, he participated in a plein aire workshop conducted by artist Jay Moore from Colorado. The instruction he received from Mr. Moore was a turning point in his understanding of the technical aspects of painting and how to “see like an artist”. His second career as a professional artist is entering its tenth year, and he is continuing to learn, always striving to perfect his craft to the highest level he can. He considers himself to be a “contemporary Semi-Impressionist” painter.

Michael’s paintings have been in numerous galleries and exhibitions. He has won awards in juried shows and recently won a patron award at the Stockton Art League’s prestigious Haggin Museum art show. His paintings are in collections nationwide. He is a member of the Mother Lode Art Association.

His inspiration comes from the landscape around him in which he attempts to convey upon the canvas the beauty of God’s creation and the importance of protecting, through environmental awareness, the gift of nature that He has given us.